What you need to know to play against the dealer in live casino?

We offer you the following statistical information for consideration. Consider it when choosing an operator and types of games:
Mathematically high-quality versions of poker have a very high statistical return percentage for the player – up to 99.5%. To achieve these indicators, you need to eliminate errors as much as possible.
First of all, get rid of the little things, which will not bring the win.
Do not get involved in the “answer” to “there is no game at the dealer.” This is especially true of the versions with the game from the AK (Ace – King) combination.
|You need to change one card with good draws:
Four cards for a straight flush and a royal flush (pair “break”);
Four cards for a flush without pairs;
Four cards for a straight without pairs.
To change cards with two pairs or a set on hands is not necessary under any circumstances. Also under no circumstances is it recommended to change more than one card.
The game is in collusion with several players in Live:
In live games, gambling houses often close their eyes to the exchange of information about cards among players. This seems strange only at first glance: Peter Griffin and John Gwynn the Younger made interesting calculations:
In case of maximum level collusion (7 players know each other’s cards and one dealer card), the player’s advantage over the gambling establishment is 2.3%.
But already when one player leaves this system (twenty-one unknown cards), the advantage already goes to the side of the institution, making 0.4%.
However, if you have the opportunity to exchange information with your neighbors while playing poker at a casino, then do it. Information on the cards in hand greatly increases your chances of winning at poker. In the lobby of partner casinos there are several varieties of poker against a live and virtual dealer. The odds of winning in the electronic versions of poker are slightly higher than the standard mathematical 5% loss, which is embedded in probability theory. But many players, making large bets, do not want to trust their money to the program, rely on chance. Therefore, they play live casino versions of poker, despite the greater likelihood of losing money. In some ways we understand them.