What NOT to do in online casinos

If you decide to play two hundred dollars today, play them. It is better to finish the game with zero balance than to replenish it, lose and make the black bad luck even darker. Analyze your mistakes, analyze the options for how to beat the casino in a relaxed atmosphere and postpone the game for another day.
Take bonuses for a big game. If you make a large deposit of several thousand dollars or euros, a hundred bonus dollars is not a significant increase to the budget, and wager requirements limit the size of the maximum rates. In addition, some casinos set the size of the maximum allowable winnings, until the bonus is won back. In general, remember that bonus money, a priori, carries the risk of getting a refusal to pay a large sum and return the initial deposit.
Chase the jackpots. Some people advise this way of playing casino games, but we do not agree with this. Of course, when the news comes of the next multimillion happiness that hit a housewife, it’s hard not to succumb to the temptation to make several bets in a machine with a progressive jackpot. But if you remember that thousands of players are hunted for this win at the same time and calculate the probability of winning, then the attractiveness of such a game falls sharply. Leave jackpots to housewives at the last stage. Expectations are too blurred, and you will have to pay real money for such an attempt.
Trust the scammers. Around the gambling is turned an incredible number of cunning scammers, using sophisticated schemes of deception. We recommend to cultivate a paranoia and be critical of any tempting offer to buy another “system”. Check the honesty of the establishments in which you intend to play, and remember: there are no win-win strategies at the casino, for $ 10, or for $ 500.
Seek help from the magicians. The staff of our site pretty fun, when we found online suggestions for rituals and creating amulets for luck in gambling. The price list of services ranged from $ 10 for a modest wooden amulet to $ 1000 for a whole table set of painted bottles of kefir. Of course, there are no more superstitious people than gamblers: everyone has their own signs or lucky things that bring good luck, but you cannot buy a lucky talisman for money.